Welcome to the UK Animal Welfare Research Network (AWRN) website. The Network is funded by the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC).

It aims to bring together the UK animal welfare research community, researchers in related areas, and stakeholders with interests in animal welfare, to identify important research topics, increase collaboration, and support and encourage research activities.

Current Research Findings

A standardised equine-based welfare assessment

  Most equine welfare research focuses on horses used for leisure and sporting purposes in developed countries.  However, these animals make up a relatively small proportion of the world’s estimated total equine population of approximately 113 million.  More than 80% of ...Read more >

How does man’s best friend respond to pain?

    Previous research suggested that personality in horses might relate the expression of pain, in a similar way to humans. Recent research carried out by Dr Carrie Ijichi and James Lush looked at dogs recovering from routine castration in applied veterinary ...Read more >

Poker Face: Do we really know how well horses are coping with daily life?

  Horses are known to show different strategies to avoid tasks and procedures they don’t want to complete. Some do anything other than the specific task and others don’t take any action at all (so far, so very human!). In the ...Read more >

Latest from our Blog

Report on the Early Career Researcher Workshop

  BY ELLEN WILLIAMS AND EMMA MONAGHAN   The AWRN ‘Career Progression for Early Career Researchers’ workshop, organised by Nicola Davidson and Jane Hurst, took place at the University of Liverpool from 01 – 02 March 2018. Due to the appearance put in ...Read more >

Report on "NC3Rs Year of Laboratory Rodent Welfare"

  Throughout 2017 the NC3Rs launched a number of initiatives and funded work addressing the welfare of rats and mice used in research as part of a "Year of Laboratory Rodent Welfare". This theme was chosen to highlight the welfare needs ...Read more >

Report on the Policy Workshop

  By Nicola Davidson     The AWRN ‘Bridging the Gap between Animal Welfare Science and Policy’ workshop was funded by Defra, The Scottish Government and The Welsh Government and took place at Mary Sumner House in London. The day began with a selection ...Read more >