Welcome to the BBSRC-UFAW Animal Welfare Research Network (AWRN) website. The Network is co-funded by the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC) and the Universities Federation for Animal Welfare (UFAW).

It aims to bring together the UK animal welfare research community, researchers in related areas, and stakeholders with interests in animal welfare, to identify important research topics, increase collaboration, and support and encourage research activities.

Latest from our Blog

Reports on Seed Funding

Summary of the projects funded using the BBSRC Seeding Catalyst Awards.  1. Automated welfare monitoring of dairy cows using 3-dimensional imaging and deep learning - Prof Melvyn Smith & Dr Mark Hansen. This project was carried out with Agsenze, Westpoint Farm Vets ...Read more >

Report on Companion Animal Welfare Science Workshop

AWRN implementing new methods to improve companion animal welfare science (CAWS) in the UK workshop Workshop organisers Rowena Packer and Lucy Asher welcomed everyone to the workshop on 16th December 2019. There were 60 delegates in attendance from a variety of ...Read more >

Report on Fourth Annual Meeting

16th and 17th September - University of Bristol Mike Mendl, as the Network Lead for AWRN welcomed all the delegates to the Fourth Annual Meeting of the AWRN. We teamed up to update everyone on the work that the network ...Read more >