Welcome to the UK Animal Welfare Research Network (AWRN) website. The Network is funded by the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC).

It aims to bring together the UK animal welfare research community, researchers in related areas, and stakeholders with interests in animal welfare, to identify important research topics, increase collaboration, and support and encourage research activities.

Current Research Findings

Docking piglet tails: How much does it hurt and for how long?

Despite the current position of European authorities and of the general public against the practice of tail docking, the question of its effects on the characteristics of pain experienced by piglets is still relatively unexplored. This recently published work by ...Read more >

Characterization of short- and long-term mechanical sensitisation following surgical tail amputation in pigs

Tail injuries in pigs are a cause for concern in modern pig production, due to the risk of potential pain arising following tail docking of neonates or tail biting in adult animals. This study looked at the effects that a ...Read more >

Welfare assessment of Low Atmospheric Pressure Stunning (LAPS) in boiler chickens

    In 2015 over 59 billion broiler chickens were produced globally for human consumption and therefore the method of how these birds are stunned and slaughtered is paramount to maintaining welfare on a large scale. A novel pre-slaughter stunning method for ...Read more >

Latest from our Blog

Report on the Policy Workshop

  By Nicola Davidson     The AWRN ‘Bridging the Gap between Animal Welfare Science and Policy’ workshop was funded by Defra, The Scottish Government and The Welsh Government and took place at Mary Sumner House in London. The day began with a selection ...Read more >

Report on UFAW Meeting July 2017

Measuring animal welfare and applying scientific advances – Why is it still so difficult?   The 2017 UFAW international symposium was held at Royal Holloway from 27th to 29th June. The general theme of the conference was that despite progress in animal ...Read more >

Call for Workshops 2017 / 2018

  The vision of the AWRN is to foster enhanced collaboration and cohesion within the animal welfare research community, with a view to increasing successful grant-funded research and promoting the impact of outputs from research. As an important strand of its ...Read more >