Seasons Greetings from AWRN!




AWRN is nearly one year old and wishes all its members a happy festive season, and a peaceful and productive 2017.



A lot has happened during 2016….

From 0 to >275 members in 365 days

At the start of the year AWRN did not exist, but now we have over 275 members, including researchers in disciplines ranging from behavioural biology to agricultural economics, and representatives from government, industry and charitable organisations.

New members are very welcome. If you know someone working in an animal-welfare related area who’s not a member, please do encourage them to join. It’s easy, go to:

To find out more about your fellow members, log on at and search the members’ area for specific people or topics. Click on the person that you want to find out about and then on their ‘PROFILE’ tab to get some information on their interests and expertise. Explore and find out more.


AWRN online   

2015-03-16-10-45-55Our website went online in April 2016 and now offers a range of resources for members:
Current Research Findings is a particularly active part of the website where members can post their latest findings. Publicise your research and email a paragraph on a recent paper with an accompanying picture to the Network Manager

Information about upcoming and past AWRN Events can be found in the Events menu at Annual AWRN Conference and AWRN WorkshopsWhilst Other Animal Welfare Events provides a really helpful list of upcoming animal welfare related meetings that are due to take place in the UK and abroad, and these are archived in Past Events.

AWRN News gives you reports from animal welfare meetings, information on which AWRN workshops have been funded, links to videos and more. Use the website as a free and targeted way of advertising your Jobs by emailing the information to the Network Manager.

Forum in the Members area has great potential as a place to exchange ideas on particular topics. Currently it is a useful source of information about Funding Opportunities and Research Projects that members are carrying out. You need to log in to see this area – it’s not accessible to the public – and you can add to an existing forum thread or create a new topic (e.g. methods that have / haven’t worked) by contacting the Network Manager.

The website is your resource. Please use it to advertise, publicise, share, communicate and, of course, network! Contribute to Forum threads or send material to:


And finally, huge thanks to…anna

Dr Anna Davies
 who has done a brilliant job managing the Network from its birth pains to where it is now, organising workshops, overseeing the website, responding to your emails and working very hard to get everything up and running and keep the plates spinning. Many thanks Anna and we wish you all the best with your continuing research career in animal welfare science.

…and welcome back to…

Dr Poppy Statham who returns from birth pains of her own to take over the Network Manager position and resume the excellent work that she was doing before her maternity leave.





All the best for 2017 from the AWRN Coordinating Group…

Mike Mendl (Network Lead), Anna Davies and Poppy Statham (Network Managers), Richard Bennett, Lisa Collins, Paul Flecknell, Laura Green, Jane Hurst, Alistair Lawrence, Jimmy Turnbull.

If you are interested in joining the Coordinating Group and helping to drive the AWRN forwards, please contact us – new Coordinating Group members are very welcome.