14 PhD positions Studying Stress in Chickens

There are 14 PhD projects advertised within a consortium of Universities across Europe as part of ChickenStress: a European Training Network (ETN). Each project lasts for 3 years (two of them last 4 years) and leads to the submission of a PhD thesis. Each project also includes a total of 6 months of secondments (placements) with other members of the consortium. The estimated starting date for all projects is 1 October 2019 (variation in start date is possible depending on the project).

The projects are:

Project 1: Connections and stress-related activity of different neuron subpopulations of the central extended amygdala
Project 2: Forebrain regulation of the stress response in chickens
Project 3: Predicting stress sensitivity of laying hens by identifying genetic, incubation and rearing factors
Project 4: Bioinformatic analyses of stress-related genetic data in chickens
Project 5: Genetic and stress effects on the genoarchitecture and transcriptomics of the central extended amygdala
Project 6: Interactions between genetics and early environment on stress responsivity and adaptive capacity
Project 7: Effects of early-life experiences on micro-circuitry in forebrain areas involved in stress regulation
Project 8: Early life conditions and individual differences in range use in free-ranging laying hens
Project 9: Effects of on-farm hatching on behavioural development and stress responsivity in laying hens
Project 10: Developing housing to improve the transition between the rearing and laying periods
Project 11: Effects of early life experience on spatial cognition, neurogenesis and neurohormonal responses to stress
Project 12: Individual variation in tier use in commercial tiered aviaries
Project 13: Effects of housing conditions and of individual differences in space use on hippocampal neuroplasticity
Project 14: Changes in sleep as a measure of stress in laying hens.

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Closing date: 15/05/2019

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