2019 CRACK IT Challenge 34: Sharp and to the Point

Type of funding: CRACK IT Challenge

The Sharp and to the Point Challenge, sponsored by AstraZeneca, GSK, The University of Sheffield and The Royal Veterinary College, aims to develop a device that enables injections in mice without losing material to dead space, allows needles to be changed quickly and safely between animals to ensure sharpness and sterility, and which prevents cross-contamination between animals.

This discussion group is open for anyone wishing to ask questions about this Challenge or the CRACK IT process and to look for collaborators with which to apply for funding.

The CRACK IT Launch event where potential applicants will find out more about the Challenges, meet the Sponsors and potential collaborators, and find out what makes a good application, will take place on Wednesday 11 September 2019 with the competition opening for applications on Thursday, 12 September 2019.

To register for the launch event visit: https://nc3rs.org.uk/crackit/challenges#2019-crack-it-challenges-launch-event

The Sponsor presentations from the launch event and Challenge-specific FAQs will be available on the NC3Rs Innovation Platform by Friday, 18 September.


Deadline: 06/11/2019

Eligibility criteria:

See the NC3Rs Innovation Platform

Further information can be found here.