Cefas Seafood Innovation Fund

Type of funding: Innovation development funding

The Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science (Cefas) is an Executive Agency of Defra. Cefas are administering the Seafood Innovation Fund (SIF) on behalf of Defra. Cefas will run several SBRI calls throughout the 3-year programme (ending March 2022).
The programme aims to foster, encourage and financially support innovative technologies and methods to support more sustainable and productive fisheries and seafood production. Through stimulating the development of new transformative technological innovation, it will contribute to both the government's ambition for UK world-class sustainable fisheries and aquaculture and, more broadly, contribute to economic growth by improving the productivity of the sector and helping create new markets and products from innovative and sustainable fisheries both in the UK and overseas.
This funding programme is focussed on the development of tangible, meaningful and long-lasting benefits to overcome the many challenges facing the fishing and aquaculture industries.

Note deadline is 12pm on date below.

Deadline: 12/09/2019

Eligibility criteria:

There are two options for applicants: either smaller feasibility studies, or larger full R&D projects. Feasibility studies are designed to test new ideas (proof of concept) and can be up to a maximum £50k/3 months in duration. Full R&D projects are for more developed ideas that can be delivered in up to a maximum of £250k/18 months. Feasibility studies will be expected to apply for full R&D funding if a successful outcome is delivered at the end of the feasibility stage

Further information can be found here.