Marchig Animal Welfare Trust, GB

Type of funding: Grants to make positive contributions to animal welfare

The Marchig Animal Welfare Trust invites applications for its grants. These support organisations and individuals making positive contributions that meet the objectives of the trust. Projects should encourage initiatives designed to improve animal welfare, promote alternative methods to animal experimentation and their practical implementation or promote and encourage practical work in alleviating suffering and preventing cruelty to animals. Supported projects include:
•mobile spay and neuter clinics;
•the search for alternatives to the use of animals in research;
•poster campaigns;
•anti-poaching programmes;
•establishing veterinary hospitals, clinics and a network of animal sanctuaries;
•assisting smaller groups committed to the cause of animal welfare.

Deadline: 31/12/2022

Eligibility criteria:

There are no restrictions on the type of grant, the applicant or the geographical area of the work, with the exception of the US and Canada.

This funding has no deadline, you can apply for it at any time, it consists of directed grants to institutions, research groups etc or for individual investigators.

Further information can be found here.