PhD in Human Behaviour Change to Advance Lab Animal Welfare

This PhD is titled "Using models of human behavioural change to advance laboratory animal welfare" and is supervised by Professor Candy Rowe and Professor Vera Araujo-Soares.

Laboratory animal welfare is of significant concern: how animals are maintained in laboratories can be detrimental to their health and wellbeing, and impact on the reliability and reproducibility of research. Whilst there are many ways in which laboratory practices can be changed to improve animal welfare, implementing such changes can be slow. Changing the behaviour of people working with laboratory animals remains a significant challenge to improving animal welfare.

In this project, you will apply approaches from health psychology and intervention science that have been developed to understand why people do things (or not) to identify the factors that make researchers and laboratory personnel change their behaviour and adopt welfare refinements. You will develop an implementation strategy (a ‘toolkit’) that facilitates uptake of refinements and test its feasibility. The project has significant potential for global impact through advancing animal welfare.

This innovative project offers fantastic interdisciplinary training through applying psychological theory frameworks and behaviour change techniques in a novel context. You will be trained in a variety of techniques and supported to carve out your own distinctive research niche that will support your future career.

Salary: £15,285 plus 100% of UK / EU fees

Closing date: 17/06/2020

Further information can be found here.