Newton Fund Institutional Links Indonesia, Thailand and Turkey

Type of funding: Links between International Institutions

These grants are funded under the Newton Fund, a UK Government initiative funded by the UK Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), together with partner funders from around the world. The Fund aims to promote the economic development and welfare of either the partner countries or, through working with the partner country, to address the problems of low-income and vulnerable populations

Priority areas are listed by the partner countries and although none list animal welfare per se, the following areas may be applicable to some members:

- Addressing COVID-19 including aspects relating to food and agri-tech.

- Sustainable management of natural resources

- Agriculture and Food

Deadline: 12/06/2020

Eligibility criteria:

Leading or Established Researchers can apply to be Principal Applicants (as defined by the EC - download information from the Euraxess website).
Each proposal must have one Principal Applicant from the UK, as well as a Principal Applicant from the partner countries listed above.
Please download and view the list of eligible UK research institutions (available in the downloads section).