Morris Animal Foundation Funding Opportunities

Type of funding: Established investigator, Pilot study, First Award, Fellowship and Veterinary Student Scholars

Current calls with the Morris Animal Foundation include:

Large Animal (Equine, Llama, Alpaca) - 8th July 2020
Established Investigator Grants (humane animal health research projects, up to USD 75,000)
Fellowship Training Grants (new animal health investigators to launch research careers, up to USD125,000)
First Award Grants (new faculty establishing a research programme in animal health research, up to USD50,000 per year for up to two years)

Canine and Feline Pilot Study Grants - 8th July
Established researchers and teams in hypothesis-driven and humane animal health research projects. Grants of up to USD10,800.

Proposals aimed to address environmental, social and emotional risk factors for health and welfare of cats (5th August 2020)

Wildlife / Exotics proposals (August 2020)

Deadline: 08/07/2020

Eligibility criteria:

All investigators are eligible to apply. Please see webpage for details

Further information can be found here.