PhD in Development of a Shared Decision-Making Model for Euthanasia Decisions in the horse

Owners must make very difficult decisions when the time has come for their horse to be euthanised. Many decisions are not clear-cut and delayed euthanasia is a major welfare concern. Shared decision-making is used in human medicine, helping patient and health care professionals to reach an informed decision together. This three-year project will develop a model for shared euthanasia in the horse. It will review models currently used in human medicine and identify which are suitable in the veterinary sector. The study will work with veterinary practices and horse owners using Damschroeder's Consolidated Framework of Implementation to develop a final model for euthanasia decision-making. The methodology used will include focus groups, surveys and interviews. The project will be based at the School of Veterinary Medicine and Science, Sutton Bonington, with co-supervision from the School of Health Sciences.

Salary: Fully funded for UK/EU Nationals £15,300 - 23,000 per annum. International fees apply for non-UK/EU students.

Closing date: 06/10/2020

Further information can be found here.