Food and trade: case studies research and evidence on the environmental impact of UK food standards

Type of funding: Research

WWF is newly working on a trade policy, at the top level, to ensure that the UK Government's emerging trade policy does not undermine the achievement of climate and nature goals at home or via our wider footprint. There are ongoing public and political campaigns to maintain and build on the UK's current food and farming standards. The campaigns are high profile and specifically focused on not weakening food import standards in negotiations with US, Aus , NZ, or Canada. The environmental justification for the overall work on trade is clear, but the direct impact of current food standards on the environment is less well understood and a gap that WWF needs to urgently address.

Project timeline and application requirements
Date for project to start: asap in October 2020
Date for project to end: 19th December 2020
Bid for the work should include:
• Approach for completion of the project
• Relevant experience (and case studies of similar previous work if applicable)
• CVs of consultants who will participate in the project
• A precise budget broken down by key tasks, including consultant daily rates
• The estimated number of person-days required
• A detailed timeline for delivery
The application should be no longer than 4 sides, plus CVs of participating consultants attached in an appendix.

Contract is for up to £10,000.

Deadline: 12/10/2020

Eligibility criteria:

Open to all contractors who can fulfil the briefing.

Further information can be found here.