The Burden of Animal Disease in Working Equids – Ethiopia

Working horses, donkeys and mules are a critical part of the global economy contributing towards livelihoods, food security and access to water. Animal diseases (defined as infectious disease, injury, and nutritional deficiencies) have a detrimental impact on welfare as well as constraining the ability of working livestock to contribute to the social, economic and cultural outcomes of society. Understanding how to effectively and efficiently address these impacts requires systematic data collection and analysis in order to quantify and understand the burden of animal diseases on working equids. A four-year project is presented which will initiate the estimation of the Burden of Animal Diseases of Working Equids. The project will be supported by the Global Burden of Animal Diseases (GBADs) programme and The Brooke. This 4 year PhD would be suitable for a UK, EU, or international graduate with a degree in biological sciences or veterinary medicine and suitable English language qualifications.

Salary: This PhD is jointly funded by The Brooke and the University of Liverpool. Funding covers University of Liverpool fees, a tax free stipend of up to £24,000 and associated operational costs.

Closing date: 01/11/2020

Further information can be found here.