PhD: Automated prediction of health and welfare in captive fish using behaviour from video

Professor Carlos Garcia de Leaniz (lead supervisor, Swansea University)
Professor Sonia Consuegra (Swansea University)
Dr Christos Ioannou (lead supervisor, Bristol University)
Professor Andrew Dowsey (Bristol University)

This project aims to develop a new approach to assessing and predicting poor health and welfare in captive fish, with potential application in aquaculture, laboratories and aquariums to help inform management decisions. Although video can allow animals to be monitored continually and at low cost, extracting relevant information is labour intensive and hence costly, prone to human error and biases, and is insensitive to subtle changes that could provide early warning indicators of future poor health and welfare. This project will instead apply the power of computing to extract behaviour from video (using computer vision) and advanced statistical approaches (using machine and deep learning) to predict the health and welfare status of fish in captive conditions. By doing so, the long term aim is to develop software readily available for research and industry that analyses video footage from holding tanks of fish in close to real-time, particularly to act as an early warning monitoring system that can allow staff to intervene before problems occur.

Salary: For eligible students a stipend (at the standard UKRI rate; £15,285 per annum for 2020/21)

Closing date: 07/12/2020

Further information can be found here.