Research Fellow in Modelling AMR in Agri-systems

This position would be working with Prof Lisa Collins at University of Leeds.

As part of the UK-Argentina collaborative project on Anti-microbial resistance (AMR) in the Environment funded by BBSRC/NERC-CONICET, you will work closely with an international team of researchers and stakeholders across multiple disciplines from leading institutions in the UK and Argentina. You will use a systems modelling approach to investigate the spread and amelioration of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and its related impact on poultry productivity and welfare in commercial broiler farms in Argentina.

The project will gather data via ex-situ experiments with field trials on commercial broiler farms, in order to quantify AMR associated with broiler production and the role of litter in AMR-related risks to birds, humans and the environment. A key aim is to develop a framework to understand AMR transference to the environment and evaluate the scientific evidence to inform interventions for suitable litter management practices in commercial broiler farms in Argentina, and more widely in low and middle-income countries (LMICs). Ultimately, this project aims to inform and influence policy around antimicrobial resistance in livestock in Argentina and other LMICs.

In this role, data that has been collected and analysed as part of the wider project will be integrated into a systems model to identify key predictors for the emergence and transmission of AMR bacteria within the broiler chicken agri-system. You will work with stakeholders to explore and develop in-depth scenarios for increased risk of AMR transmission and consider potential mitigation strategies. You will develop an animal health and welfare risk assessment for AMR transmission across the litter cycles.

You will have a PhD (or close to completion) in modelling complex systems or a closely allied discipline along with experience in creating, writing, enhancing, and running code in R. You will have excellent communication skills with the ability to talk to different audiences, as you will be collaborating with a large team of researchers across multiple disciplines both in the UK and overseas.

Salary: £33,797 to £40,322 p.a.

Closing date: 11/11/2020

Further information can be found here.