Corporate Engagement Manager

The focus of the Corporate Engagement Manager is to engage in dialogue, maintain relationships and provide support to some of the major UK food companies with the aim of engaging them in conversation around improved welfare for broiler chickens. This is a 24 month FTC that is homebased with extensive travel.

The job would include:
Working closely with the Campaign Manager at the RSPCA to coordinate campaign targets and actions and produce annual progress reports to external funders.
Devising and delivering corporate outreach plans to support the broiler campaign.
Providing support to food businesses in relation to the European Chicken Commitment to identify barriers and work with the Farm Animal Department at the RSPCA to provide technical solutions.
Engaging in high level advocacy, dialogue and negotiation to advance broiler chicken welfare to key external stakeholders. For example, working with major food companies to achieve broiler chicken commitments from them.
Face to face meetings with food businesses, phone calls, presentations and email. In some situations, this may involve building relationships with businesses where the RSPCA may not have had relationships before.
Maintaining professional ongoing communications to food businesses with regular follow up correspondence and meeting requests.
Coordinating meetings and working closely across teams within the RSPCA including the Farm Animal Department and Corporate Team and RSPCA Assured to ensure our work is integrated and aligned with that of the Society's aims.

Please note closing time is 10am on 23rd November.

Salary: £32,000 FTE (£19,400 as 21 hours per week)

Closing date: 23/11/2020

Further information can be found here.