Ph.D in Zebrafish Welfare

Investigating the mechanisms of motivational states in zebrafish, Danio rerio

University of Gothenburg, Sweden
Deadline 03/03/21

Motivational or emotional states can have a profound impact upon behavioural decisions and physiological responses. Although the fundamental mechanisms have been well studied in mammals we have relatively little information on the mechanisms of emotional states in fish. Further, the understanding how different motivational states affect concurrent states requires an in depth analysis of the interplay between pain fear and stress from changes in gene expression, stress physiology and performance of behaviour. Using a model species, the zebrafish, this project aims to investigate the impact of pain, fear and stress on the neurobiological and physiological responses during these important motivational drivers of strategic behavioural decision making. The project will explore the following objectives:

A comparison between stress-induced analgesia to drug-induced analgesia in individual and group-housed zebrafish using genomics, in situ hybridization and stress physiology
Investigate the interplay of pain and fear on molecular, physiological, and behavioural responses in zebrafish.
Exploring the neurobiological and physiological mechanisms of emotional contagion and the metabolic costs of pain, fear and stress

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Closing date: 03/03/2021

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