AWRN Mentoring Scheme Launched

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We are pleased to announce that registration for the AWRN Mentoring Scheme for Early Career Researchers has just been launched. 

About the scheme
We have set up forms to gather information to assist us in matching Early Career Researchers to someone with experience in the area they wish to be mentored in. The deadline for completing the forms is 1st May, with the aim of matching mentees to a mentor by June. Each mentor-mentee partnership would be committing to three meetings of one-hour each across the course of a year. There will be a review after one year. 

Information for mentors
Firstly thank you for considering signing up as a mentor! We haven't defined specific criteria for being a mentor, you do not need to be a senior academic to volunteer, indeed we would love to source a range of mentors from within and outside of academia. Simply fill in the form (link below), giving us some details including the areas that you feel able to mentor in and we will match you to a mentee looking for support in that area. 
Link to form for mentors to register 

Information for mentees
We are really pleased that you are considering participating in this mentoring scheme. Please note that you need to be an Early Career Researcher and a member of the AWRN to be eligible as a mentee. If you are and feel you would benefit from mentoring then please fill in the form (link below), giving us some details, including the areas that you would like to be mentored in and we will try to match you to an appropriate mentor. Please note that this year we are aiming to match a maximum of 20 mentor-mentee partnerships to pilot the mentoring scheme, so unfortunately not everyone will get matched to a mentor in this initial period. If you register we will let you know sometime in June whether you have been selected for this initial pilot stage. 
Link to form for mentees to register

If you have any questions about the mentoring scheme then please do not hesitate to get in touch