Senior Portfolio Manager

Senior Portfolio Managers play a key role in the development and implementation of current and future investments in collaborative research and development and knowledge exchange and commercialisation. These are varied and exciting roles within BBSRC’s Business Interaction Unit, this role involves significant interaction across BBSRC, UK Research and Innovation and with external stakeholders such as businesses.
You will focus on providing cross cutting support for BBSRC’s business engagement and intelligence strategy via harmonising and supporting the development of a consistent approach to the use of strategic business intelligence and evidence. This approach and evidence will be used to help inform future BBSRC strategic programmes and investments in academic-industry collaboration.
Additionally, you will help to design and support activities which underpin BBSRC’s strategic engagement with business experts and wider industry stakeholders. In particular you will be responsible for actively managing stakeholder engagement and outcomes arising from BBSRC’s responsive collaboration initiatives, Industrial Partnering Awards and LINK scheme.
You will also have the opportunity to work on specific projects across the wider breadth of the innovation remit for BBSRC. This means that we are looking for proven aptitude for broad strategic thinking and analytical skills. An awareness of the current UK research, innovation and skills landscape is desirable. You must also have an interest in the biological sciences and a strong, demonstrable understanding of the impact and commercialisation of scientific discoveries.

This role is aimed mostly at postdoctoral level candidates, though particularly well placed PhD graduate might want to apply This is the most senior grade that does not by default include team leadership.

Salary: £39,748

Closing date: 27/05/2021

Further information can be found here.