AWF Call for Research Projects

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AWF Delphi project on priority welfare issues in the UK

BVA policy on extreme conformations

BVA policy on UK sustainable animal agriculture

AWF What is Animal Welfare guidance

Type of funding: Grant funding

Grants of between £60,000 and £100,000, for projects lasting 18-24 months.
AWF wishes to receive project proposals that provide deeper understanding to contribute
to the activities of discussion and debate within the theme “Breeding for Better Welfare”.
Projects addressing the issues surrounding conformation in animals of any species are of
particular interest.
Project proposals should take into account relevant welfare consequences highlighted by the AWF Delphi project on priority welfare issues in the UK and should provide information that could have a practical impact of relevance to the veterinary professions.
They are also interested in proposals that address any of the relevant research gaps identified by BVA policy positions on extreme conformation and UK sustainable animal agriculture.
Projects that are able to deliver impact and have a strong knowledge exchange plan outlined will score highly, as generating discussion and debate around key animal welfare topics is at the core of AWF’s work. They can give you a platform and will expect you to share your research with the veterinary professions and the wider animal welfare community.
Projects should also be designed in accordance with good research practice to minimise sources of bias. They must be on animal welfare. Please refer to our What is Animal Welfare guidance.

Deadline: 16/06/2021

Eligibility criteria:

The principal investigator should have a minimum of 2 years research experience and be based in the UK. Grants can be used to fund Masters students; we will cover the pro-rata costs of an Masters student for the period they are working on the project (i.e. not the taught part of the course).
Knowledge exchange: The research should be appropriate for publishing in a peer-reviewed journal with open access. The successful applicant will also be expected to present their work at meetings organised by AWF and other interested organisations, as well as contribute to any relevant promotional material published by AWF.

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