Strategic Longer and Larger Grants (sLoLa)- BBSRC

Type of funding: Large grants

Apply for funding for frontier bioscience research that addresses significant fundamental questions in bioscience.

Projects must have the potential to produce a distinctive contribution to bioscience knowledge. They must improve our understanding of the fundamental ‘rules of life’ that govern biological systems.

You can apply if you are a researcher based at an eligible organisation.

You must apply for over £2 million. We will fund this at 80% full economic cost.
Projects can be up to five years in duration.

Deadline: 31/08/2021

Eligibility criteria:

This opportunity is open to eligible researchers at:
higher education institutions (HEIs)
research council institutes (RCIs)
approved independent research organisations (IROs).
Principal and co-investigators must meet our standard eligibility criteria, as outlined in section three of our grants guide.
Further information on the website (see link).

Further information can be found here.