NC3Rs Regional Programme Manager – King’s College London and The Francis Crick Institute

NC3Rs Regional Programme Managers are 3Rs advocates, working at project, laboratory and institute levels to maximise support for the 3Rs within research institutions. This role is based at King’s College London and The Francis Crick Institute. It offers the opportunity to work with leading institutions - providing expert advice, identifying priority areas for the 3Rs and disseminating best practice, including resources developed by the NC3Rs. The Regional Programme Manager will work with scientists from a range of disciplines and levels (including department heads, principal investigators, post-doctoral researchers and PhD students), those working under the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act (including project and personal licence holders), animal care and veterinary staff, and senior administrators (including those involved in governance and research integrity).

Salary: £40,016 - £46,643 (plus London allowances)

Closing date: 07/07/2021

Further information can be found here.