Defra Farming Innovation Programme

Type of funding: Grant funding

Launching in October there are 3 strands to this funding

1. Research started projects - £28K to £56K for projects lasting up to 12 months. Aim to help farmers and growers with bold, ambitious early-stage ideas develop them further and build a collaborative team. For those who haven't previously received Innovate funding.

2. Feasibility projects - £200K to £500K for projects up to 2 years long. Aim to test the feasibility of early-stage solutions and to inform decisions on subsequent larger scale R&D projects.

3. Small R&D Partnership Projects - £1M to £3M for projects of up to 3 years duration. To carry out R&D for innovative solutions that have the potential to substantially improve overall productivity, sustainability and resilience of the sector.

Please note that deadline is an estimate, date will be confirmed when each call is launched in October.

Deadline: 14/11/2021

Eligibility criteria:

You could be a farmer or grower with an exciting idea that will benefit England's farming sector, or for our larger projects, a group of agri-businesses wanting to collaborate with other businesses, researchers and end-users to develop and commercialise your innovative product. You might even be a business from outside the sector with a game-changing idea for English farming. Whether you have participated in multiple research projects before, or you want to test out an innovative idea for the first time, we want you to get involved!

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