UFAW Animal Welfare Research Award

Type of funding: Research Grant

UFAW is making available an award of up to £50,000 to support innovative research activities anywhere in the world aimed at advancing animal welfare or improving our understanding of animal welfare challenges.

The award can be used to support research into welfare of farm, zoo, companion, and laboratory species, as well as wild or feral animals affected by human activities. Laudable as we think conservation is, UFAW does not fund research where the sole or primary aim is species conservation.

UFAW is particularly interested in applications that address the following challenges:

development of approaches to eliminate or alleviate significant welfare problems in farmed animals

development of methodologies aimed at elucidation of the neurological basis of sentience in animals

methods of welfare/quality of life assessment, including detection and alleviation of pain, distress, and cumulative lifetime experience

development of methods for humane pest control

research aimed at improving the welfare of fish – especially those farmed or caught for food

systematic reviews and meta-analyses of key animal welfare issues

Applications for innovative work in other areas of animal welfare science will also be welcomed. The award can be used to cover research costs, salaries, student stipends or any combination thereof.

Deadline: 29/11/2021

Eligibility criteria:

Applications will be accepted from any academic institution, research institute, non-governmental organisation, or private company that can perform independent scientific studies.

Further information can be found here.