Member – Scottish Animal Welfare Commission


Recruitment of new Member

The Scottish Government is fully committed to delivering improvements in both domesticated and wild animal welfare to ensure that all animals in Scotland are treated with respect and live free from unnecessary pain and suffering. To ensure that work on animal welfare, including the issue of animal sentience, is informed by expert, independent advice we established the Scottish Animal Welfare Commission in June 2020.

The Scottish Government wishes to recruit and appoint a new Member to serve on the Commission and accordingly applications are now being invited from suitably qualified and experienced individuals. SAWC is particularly interested to recruit a Member with expertise in evidence-based approaches to animal welfare. The applicant should also have demonstrable ability/experience in one or more of the following criteria:

Team working to deliver agreed objectives.
Excellent all-round communication skills.
An ability to analyse complex information and extract key information.
An understanding of the workings and devolved responsibilities of the Scottish Government.
Report writing.
Awareness of the wider public view on animal welfare.

The successful candidate will take up their appointment in December 2021 and will serve as a member for four years.

In due course in-person SAWC plenary meetings will take place in Edinburgh.

Salary: None, but reasonable travel and accommodation expenses attributed to the work of the Commission are reimbursed.

Closing date: 17/11/2021

Further information can be found here.