Pig Unit Lead Technician

Globally recognized Agriculture and Food research at the University of Reading includes Animal, Dairy and Food Chain Science Group research at the Centre for Dairy Research (CEDAR), where facilities and expertise enable applied and strategic research on effects of nutrition on milk and meat composition, nitrogen (N) and energy balance, rumen function, digestion, methane emission, metabolism in sheep and cattle, and the fate of excreted N in farming systems.

CEDAR, University of Reading is seeking an experienced and ‘hands on’ Pig Unit Lead Technician to help manage and develop a new pig unit built specifically to house a small and specialist herd of pigs. The primary focus of the Unit Lead Technician will be centred on the stabilisation and development of the current herd through a breeding programme, care and welfare of the animals and site presentation and maintenance.

Overtime will be required to support CEDAR 356 day working rota

Salary: £25,217 - £30,048 per annum

Closing date: 12/11/2021

Further information can be found here.