BBSRC Responsive Mode Grants

Type of funding: Grant funding

BBSRC support excellent research across their remit.

A new Responsive Mode Spotlight mechanism has replaced the previous system of standing responsive mode priorities and periodic single-round research highlights. The new Responsive Mode Spotlight mechanism will initially be introduced on a pilot basis and subject to review. The aim of the Responsive Mode Spotlight mechanism is to provide simpler, more agile and dynamic targeting of particular areas of timely strategic interest, opportunity or need.

The current Responsive Mode Spotlight areas include: Fundamental research to enhance animal welfare

The aim of this spotlight is to encourage fundamental research that seeks to increase our knowledge of:
- the basic behavioural, neurobiological, immune, metabolic, physiological and tissue responses of animals (for example, farmed, aquatic, laboratory, zoo and companion animals) to their environment
- the consequences of human intervention, genetic selection and management on these responses.
- The implications of animal welfare are far-reaching and hold significant economic importance through its impact on both animal, environment and human health.

Areas of research encouraged within this spotlight include:
- measures of welfare, including developing and validating new measures
- housing, husbandry and environmental impacts on welfare
- the influence of production traits on animal welfare
- agricultural automation and intensification impact on farmed animal welfare
- relevant behaviour, cognition and perception research
- nutrition and feed impact on welfare
- pain and nociception research
- the impact of early life challenges on development and long-term health and welfare

BBSRC recognises the importance of multidisciplinary collaborations, partnerships and end user engagement in this area. This spotlight therefore promotes basic research but also encourages translation to practical applications.

Applicants should outline their approach in terms of collaboration and engagement with end users. Where possible, applicants should also indicate how the research will inform policy and societal implications.

This spotlight replaces the previous single-round animal welfare highlight notice that BBSRC has operated in recent years. We will review outcomes and the case for repetition in future years.

BBSRC will award 80% of the full economic costs of your research, and your organisation must agree to find the balance.

Projects can range in size up to £2 million and last up to five years. Funding can support a range of activities from research projects to technology development, new infrastructure and equipment, use of equipment and facilities, networks, and summer schools.

Deadline: 17/01/2024

Eligibility criteria:

You can apply if you are resident in the UK for at least 183 days in a tax year and hold a lecturer or lecturer-equivalent position at a UK higher education institution, research council institute or a UKRI-approved independent research organisation.

Principal applicants must be employed at the submitting research organisation at lecturer level, or equivalent, or due to move to the organisation before the start date of the grant. Or if not employed, applicants must have an agreement that the research will be conducted at the submitting research organisation as if they were an employee at lecturer level, or equivalent.

Co-applicants must be employed at an eligible organisation and meet the same employment criteria.

Further information can be found here.