Social Research Project on Farmer Attitudes to Cattle and Badger TB Vaccinations

Type of funding: Grant funding

Title: Social research project to understand farmer current / future attitudes to cattle and badger TB vaccinations.

The aim of this project is to inform Defra, Welsh Government and Scottish Government about farmer current/future willingness to vaccinate or facilitate the vaccination of both cattle and badgers against bovine tuberculosis (bTB) in Great Britain (GB). The work should support understanding of the barriers to using these vaccines, how to support their usage and any unintended consequences of their wider application. From this we would also want to understand what Defra, Welsh Government and others can do in terms of best facilitating vaccination.

Further information available via the Defra Bravo portal under ITT_9542.

Deadline: 10/12/2021

Eligibility criteria:

Need to be registered on the Defra portal.

Further information can be found here.