Humane Slaughter Association Research Grants

Type of funding: Grant funding

These awards can support activities which will improve the welfare of (or allow us to better understand welfare challenges to) livestock animals during marketing, transport, slaughter or emergency killing. For example, grants could be used to cover research costs; training; organisation of scientific or technical meetings; travel expenses to present research at scientific conferences or the costs to undertake a research or study visit.

Some recent projects Include:

A study of the use of CCTV in US slaughterhouses.
Production of a training DVD for dealing with livestock transport vehicle emergencies
Development of equipment for monitoring modified atmosphere stunning of poultry.
Investigating the effect of electrical stunning on sea bass
Investigating the welfare of broilers during the pre-slaughter period

Grants ranged in value from £750 to £10000 for the above projects.

Deadline: 31/12/2023

Eligibility criteria:

Grants can support work on any species which is farmed for food, this includes farmed fish and other aquatic species.

Who can apply?

Applicants based anywhere in the world are eligible to apply (please note that sometimes for reasons beyond its control, such as international sanctions, the HSA may not be able to make certain awards). Applications can come from academics, students, trainees, those working in the industry or anyone else who can carry out a project which will improve or help better understand the welfare of food animals “beyond the farm gate” – during transport, marketing or when undergoing slaughter or emergency killing.

Further information can be found here.