UFAW Research and Project Awards

Type of funding: Grant funding

Each year a limited amount of money is available through the UFAW Research and Project Awards to make substantial awards (over £3,500) for research or other animal welfare projects (eg for educational initiatives or publications).

UFAW is concerned with the welfare of farm, companion, laboratory, and captive wild animals and with free-living wild animals whose welfare is compromised by humans.

Through its Research and Project Awards, UFAW aims to encourage high quality research that is likely to lead to substantial improvements in animal welfare. UFAW seeks to promote both fundamental research aimed at providing new insight into the subjective mental experiences of animals relevant to their welfare and at understanding their needs and preferences, and also to promote applied research aimed at developing practical solutions to animal welfare problems.

If you wish to seek support for a smaller project (of less than £3,500) UFAW also has Small Project and Travel Awards.

Applications for UFAW Research and Project awards may be submitted at any time.

Deadline: 31/12/2025

Eligibility criteria:

UFAW is an international charity and will fund work anywhere in the world where useful animal welfare research can be carried out – applications are welcome from researchers based in any country.

Further information can be found here.