AWRN Workshop Funding

Type of funding: Workshops for AWRN members

The funding for this year has now passed - the next round of funding will be in Spring 2024.

What is it?

Each year AWRN fund workshops which are organised by network members.
The organisers can select the topic, venue and speakers. 
Typically three workshops are funded per year, at least one of which should be aimed at supporting Early Career Researchers (ECRs) specifically. 
AWRN will fund costs of up to £2,000 per workshop.

Why Apply?

Receive funding to get people together to discuss a topic of your choice!
Opportunity to invite researchers and / or stakeholders to collaborate.
Develop new skills - support is available with all aspects of the organisation, so a great way to learn about event management.
You could potentially gather evidence for a future funding proposal.  

Who can apply?

The main applicant must be a full member of the Animal Welfare Research Network, though it is not a requirement for co-applicants or any keynote speakers. International ECRs can therefore be co-applicants but not the main applicant for funding, we would encourage you to get in touch as soon as possible if you have an idea for a workshop and want support finding a suitable member to apply with. No more than one international workshop will be funded per year and organisers will need to demonstrate that sufficient members of the AWRN would be able to access the workshop (see section for suggestions of ways this can be achieved). 

What topics are suitable?

Workshops may aim to: provide a forum for discussion of research activities, engage with industry and other stakeholders regarding animal welfare research, enhance the development and training of researchers, identify important research topics or undertake other activities that clearly further the aims of the network. Collaborative applications and those from Early Career Researchers are particularly encouraged. At least one workshop which is aimed at supporting Early Career Researchers will be funded each year. 

How to apply
Applications for funding should be made by completing the online application form.
Also note that all character limits include spaces.  If you wish to view the form before completing it, a pdf of the application form can be viewed here: PDF of Questions.
Please note all applications should be made online and not using the PDF, this is purely for information. 

How will applications be assessed? 

All submissions will be redacted so assessors will be blind to names and organisations involved. 
A panel of the AWRN Co-ordinating Group, ECR Committee and Stakeholder Advisory Board will assess applications. 
Assessment criteria include: the extent to which the workshop meets the Network Aims, how timely the workshop is, level of participation for AWRN members, value for money and the outcomes that will be produced from the workshop. 
The panel will meet to discuss and select workshops for funding. 

Deadline: 29/03/2024

Eligibility criteria:

Main applicant must be an AWRN member, co-applicants may be International ECRs.
Up to one workshop a year may be based abroad.

Further information can be found here.