Lab Exchange Scheme Launched


AWRN has just launched a new Lab Exchange Scheme for ECRs!Animal Welfare Research Network logo
The Lab Exchange Scheme will fund ECRs to complete a placement at a different institution than the one they are currently affiliated with. This may be a university or a non-academic institution. The aim is to give ECRs an opportunity to gain new skills, experience, and contacts.
The AWRN will fund up to four Lab Exchanges, with up to £1,500 per placement. Lab Exchange placements should have a clear and achievable aim (e.g., learning a new lab technique or starting a new collaboration).
We’re primarily looking to fund expenses that will facilitate the placement (e.g., travel, accommodation, childcare), rather than research costs. Placements don’t need to be in a different town or city to your current institution, and they don’t need to be continuous – they can be done in shorter timeframes (e.g., one day a week over an extended period).
To apply, you must be an ECR, and the host institution must be in the UK.
More information on the scheme and application process can be found in these documents:

       Link to Guidelines

       Link to Application Form

On Tuesday 8th August at midday (UK time), we will also have an ECR monthly meet-up, where you can learn more about the scheme and ask any questions you might have to the ECR Committee directly. The links for this have been emailed out to AWRN members - if you want to join us and are not currently a member then please get in touch (details below). 
Applications to participate in the Lab Exchange Scheme must be submitted to Poppy Statham (, using the attached application form, by midnight on Monday 11th September 2023.