Postdoc or PhD in Insect Sentience

Meghan Barrett has opportunities for postdoctoral scholars with a background in farmed animal welfare, looking to extend their expertise to new taxonomic groups. She is also looking for insect neuroanatomists with broad taxonomic expertise and interest in projects that incorporate field methods or collection.

She is also recruiting up to two graduate students for Fall 2024. Deadline for PhD applications are due 1st Jan, with a final deadline of March 1st and applications for an MSc are due 1st April.

The Barrett lab is looking for students with prior experience in farmed insects (especially mealworms or black soldier flies), insect stress or nutritional physiology, or farmed animal welfare. Mostly they are eager to work with motivated scholars excited to engage in research, that can positively impact highly neglected farmer animal lives.

They are also looking for students with prior experience in insect neuroanatomy, neurophysiology or that have a broad background in entomological identification in the Northeastern and Central US. A lack of experience should not discourage a genuinely interested student from applying, being motivated to engage in research into how insect brains are shaped by the cognitive demands of their environment or behaviour and/or allometric constraints.

Salary: Not stated

Closing date: 01/01/2024

Further information can be found here.