AWRN Stakeholder Advisory Board Research Priorities

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The AWRN Stakeholder Advisory Board (SAB) represents the interests and perspectives of the non-academic community working in the field of animal welfare (including sectors from industry, NGOs and policy-makers) across the network. Since substantial benefit will be gained from increasing dialogue between these sectors and the academic community, the role of the SAB is to expand the breadth of knowledge and expertise within the Network by informing, advising upon, and utilising, AWRN activities and resources.

As part of their role the members of the SAB were asked to identify “Current animal welfare problems/requirements identified by the group (arranged in themes), the obstacles that are preventing these issues from being rectified or addressed, and the actions/research needed to make progress going forwards”. These were summarised in the document linked below in 2022. We hope this will be a useful resource which can be used to direct research priorities. 

Link to SAB_- Current AW Problems Summary