Transdisciplinary Networks to tackle AMR

Type of funding: Grant Funding - Networks

Apply for funding to support transdisciplinary networks to connect and expand UK AMR communities.

Each network will:

use a transdisciplinary approach to address challenges related to AMR
increase collaboration between disciplines and stakeholders, including non-academic communities
generate research questions to address key areas of unmet need
identify and prepare for future challenges

The full economic cost (FEC) of your project can be up to £650,000 and the duration of the awards can be up to four years.

Deadline: 13/12/2023

Eligibility criteria:

Applicants must be UK-based, with a clear track record of delivering research programmes and strong institutional support from any eligible UK research organisation.

Existing networks may apply for funding to expand their activities, for example by developing novel transdisciplinary approaches, increasing geographic reach, or enhancing links between existing networks and stakeholder groups where this adds value.

Multiple research organisations should be represented within the network leadership team.

Regional diversity within the network leadership team is encouraged.

Applicants may be the project lead or co-lead on only one application to this funding opportunity. This must be considered before applying and not after the publication of successful proposals.

Networks must be open to new members from any relevant organisation without charge throughout their lifetime.

Further information can be found here.