AWRN Lab Exchange Scheme

Type of funding: ECR Laboratory Exchange

The AWRN Lab Exchange Scheme will fund Early Career Researchers (ECRs) to complete a placement at a different institution, which may be a university or non-academic institution. The aim is to give ECRs an opportunity to gain new skills, experience, and contacts.
We can fund up to two Lab Exchanges this year, with up to £1,500 per placement.
Lab Exchange placements should have a clear and achievable aim. £1,500 may not be enough to fund an entire study, so we are looking for outcomes that are achievable within the budget. What new skill or technique might you learn? How might the placement broaden your experience? Could this lay the groundwork for a future collaboration?
We are primarily looking to fund expenses that will facilitate the placement (e.g. travel, accommodation, childcare), rather than research or animal costs. Whilst we do not have a set rule, we recommend applicants to allocate at least 50% of their budget to funding applicant expenses (travel, accommodation, childcare, etc.).

Deadline: 28/06/2024

Eligibility criteria:

Applicants must be ECRs. You may be classed as an ECR if you do not yet have a permanent role, or are less than 2 years full-time (or equivalent duration of part-time work, excluding career breaks) into your first permanent position (e.g. lecturer). The applicant and/or host institution PI must be an AWRN member.
International ECRs are welcome to apply for this funding, but the host institution must be in the UK.

Further information can be found here.