The Network is overseen by a co-ordinating Group,
and its activities are driven by the interests of the membership.


Please see below the list of members within the group and their details.

  • Prof Mike Mendl (University of Bristol) – Network Lead

  • Dr Poppy Statham (University of Bristol) - Network Manager

  • Prof Richard Bennet (University of Reading)

  • Dr Fay Clark (Bristol Zoological Society)

  • Dr Lisa Collins (University of Leeds)

  • Dr Anna Davies (University of Bristol)

  • Prof Paul Flecknell (Newcastle University)

  • Dr Carole Fureix (University of Plymouth)

  • Prof Laura Green (University of Warwick)

  • Prof Jane Hurst (University of Liverpool)

  • Prof Alistair Lawrence (Scotland’s Rural College)

  • Dr Gareth Pearce (University of Cambridge)

  • Prof Jimmy Turnbull (University of Stirling)