The Network is overseen by a co-ordinating Group,
and its activities are driven by the interests of the membership.



Please see below the list of members and their roles within the Co-ordinating Group.


Network Lead:

     Dr Gareth Arnott (Queen’s University Belfast)

Network Manager:

     Dr Poppy Statham (University of Bristol)

ECR Activities and Mentoring Officer:

     Dr Lucy Asher (Newcastle University)

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Officer:

     Dr Kate Johnson (University of Reading)

Industry Link Officer:

     Dr Gina Caplen (Defra)

Internationalisation Officer:

     Dr Carole Fureix (University of Plymouth)

Network Fundraising and Sponsorship Officers:

     Prof. Richard Bennett (University of Reading)

     Dr Fiona Roberts (Foods Connected)

Open Science and Impact Officer:

     Dr Simon Turner (SRUC)

Early Career Researcher Representatives:

     Dr Andrew Crump (LSE)

     Miss Juliette Schillings (University of Reading)

Website and Social Media Officers:

     Dr Sonia Rey Planellas (University of Stirling)

     Dr Rowena Packer (Royal Veterinary College) 

Coordinating Group Members:

     Prof. Alistair Lawrence (SRUC / University of Edinburgh)

     Dr Gareth Pearce (University of Cambridge)

     Prof. Mike Mendl (University of Bristol)