Current Research Findings

Bestial boredom: a biological perspective on animal boredom and suggestions for its scientific investigation

  Boredom when it is severe and prolonged is torment to humans and can cause dangerous... >>

Pacing Stereotypies in Laboratory Rhesus Macaques

This interesting review by AWRN members Colline Poirier and Melissa Bateson examines what is known about... >>

Welfare of Zebrafish undergoing procedures

A recent paper published by authors including Lynne Sneddon from the University of Liverpool, examined... >>

Docking piglet tails: How much does it hurt and for how long?

Despite the current position of European authorities and of the general public against the practice... >>

Characterization of short- and long-term mechanical sensitisation following surgical tail amputation in pigs

Tail injuries in pigs are a cause for concern in modern pig production, due to... >>

Welfare assessment of Low Atmospheric Pressure Stunning (LAPS) in boiler chickens

    In 2015 over 59 billion broiler chickens were produced globally for human consumption and therefore... >>

Vegetarian versus Meat-Based Diets for Companion Animals

Many owners of companion animals are interested in vegetarian diets for their animals, as concerns... >>

Orca Behavior and Subsequent Aggression Associated with Oceanarium Confinement

Orca behaviors interacting with humans within apparent friendship bonds are reviewed, and some impediments to... >>

Meta-analysis on the effects of housing on growing rabbits

  Photo copyright: ©Compassion in World Farming   Rabbits are the second most-farmed species in Europe, but are under-represented in... >>

Cross-modal recognition of familiar conspecifics in goats

This article by Benjamin Pitcher and co-authored by AWRN members Alan McElligott and Luigi Baciadonna,... >>