Current Research Findings

Positive reinforcement training of group-housed rhesus macaques

    This paper details a protocol for the positive reinforcement training (PRT) of rhesus macaques (Macaca... >>

Rabbit relinquishment through online classified advertisements in the United Kingdom

    The rehoming of companion animals is a welfare concern. We were interested in finding out... >>

Farmers’ attitudes to sanctions and rewards as motivators to reduce lameness in sheep

Lameness in sheep is endemic across the UK; it is painful, and a significant welfare... >>

Farmer perspectives on welfare outcome assessment

    Recently, several farm assurance schemes in the United Kingdom have been adopting innovative approaches, such... >>

Here’s looking at ewe: New study shows how sheep can determine each other’s facial expressions

People’s inability to tell the difference between a happy sheep and an unhappy sheep is... >>

Playful pigs: Evidence of consistency and change in play depending on litter and developmental stage

    The study of individual differences has been a powerful approach to understanding animal behaviour. Previous work had... >>

Bestial boredom: a biological perspective on animal boredom and suggestions for its scientific investigation

  Boredom when it is severe and prolonged is torment to humans and can cause dangerous... >>

Pacing Stereotypies in Laboratory Rhesus Macaques

This interesting review by AWRN members Colline Poirier and Melissa Bateson examines what is known about... >>

Welfare of Zebrafish undergoing procedures

A recent paper published by authors including Lynne Sneddon from the University of Liverpool, examined... >>

Docking piglet tails: How much does it hurt and for how long?

Despite the current position of European authorities and of the general public against the practice... >>