Current Research Findings

Meta-analysis on the effects of housing on growing rabbits

  Photo copyright: ©Compassion in World Farming   Rabbits are the second most-farmed species in Europe, but are under-represented in... >>

Cross-modal recognition of familiar conspecifics in goats

This article by Benjamin Pitcher and co-authored by AWRN members Alan McElligott and Luigi Baciadonna,... >>

Analysis of Factors Relating to Companion Rabbits Relinquished to Two United Kingdom Rehoming Centers

A new study, just published in the Journal of Applied Animal Welfare Science, explores the... >>

Activity reduced by noxious chemical stimulation is ameliorated by immersion in analgesic drugs in zebrafish

This study, by Lynne Sneddon and her colleagues at the University of Liverpool, explored whether unprotected... >>

Why goats stare at men and its impact on human–animal interactions

  A new review article in Small Ruminant Research outlines recent advances in the area of... >>

“Here’s looking at you kid!” Goats know when they’re in the spotlight

  This research by Christian Nawroth and Alan McElligott investigated whether goats are sensitive to a... >>

Improving quality of science through better animal welfare: the NC3Rs strategy

The NC3Rs strategy for improving the welfare of research animals has been published in a... >>

Results of mouse studies substantially affected by the way the animals are handled

A new paper published in Scientific Reports has highlighted that the method by which mice... >>

International survey on the use of zebrafish in research highlights opportunities for refinement

The NC3Rs, working with AstraZeneca and University of Plymouth, has conducted the largest ever survey... >>

Challenges Associated with Informed Consent in Low- and Low-Middle-Income Countries

Obtaining agreement from those participating in a research project is a generally recognised step of... >>