Applied Ethology Animal Welfare Slack Webinar – Social Buffering in Disbudded Calves

Date: 05/12/2022





Applying Ethology”  

The Animal Welfare Slack Workspace hosts Applying Ethology webinars twice per month.
The aims of these webinars are:
1) Give early career scientists in the fields of animal welfare and animal behaviour an opportunity to present their research;
2) Cultivate an ongoing community of researchers who share ideas;
3) Provide a free platform for people to engage in scientific discussions.


Monday 5th December at 8pm CET (7pm UK time) 

Katarína Bučková & Ágnes Moravcsíková will present “Indication of social buffering in disbudded calves” 


Full schedule of speakers and instructions to sign up are on their webpage: LINK TO AWS Workspace

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