Date: 21/06/2022







Ethics of Animal Behaviour and Welfare Research for the 21st Century and Beyond!




June 21 and 22, 2022




Online using ASAB platform


About the meeting:


This meeting is being organised by Dr. Alan McElligott (City University of Hong Kong), Dr Elodie Briefer (University of Copenhagen), Dr. Kate Flay (City University of Hong Kong), Dr. Xin Huo (Nakhon Ratchasima Rajabhat University), Dr. Hannah Mumby (University of Hong Kong), Dr. Matthew Parker (University of Portsmouth), and Dr. Tamara Tadich (Universidad Austral de Chile).

This two-day workshop will be held online during the UK daytime, on the 21st and 22nd June 2022.

The workshop will feature examples from across various fields that reflect upon the ethical and animal welfare dimensions of research. We also aim to examine some examples from animal and veterinary sciences that use human data (e.g. surveys of human attitudes, or human-animal interactions), in which human ethical oversight is a key concern. 

This workshop will be of interest to animal behaviour, conservation, and welfare scientists (at all career stages) as well as any researchers working with animals or collecting data related to animals. Whilst held online, there will be plenty of opportunities to network with speakers and other delegates.

As with all ASAB meetings, researchers of any aspect of animal behaviour are very welcome to attend.

Guidelines for the treatment of animals in behavioural research and teaching. 2021. Animal Behaviour 171, Pages I-XI.

Key dates for your diary:

  • Registration opens – 10th January 2022

  • Deadline for submission of abstracts for talks and posters – 21st March 2022

  • Notification of abstract acceptance for talks and posters – by 28th April 2022


Plenary Speakers:


The event will include four main sessions and four plenary speakers:

June 21st (am)    Introduction to Animal Ethics and Welfare       

Plenary: Prof. Peter Sandøe, University of Copenhagen

“Ethical perspectives on the use of animals in behavioural and welfare research”

June 21st (pm)  Farm Animal Ethics and Welfare                       

Plenary: Prof. María José Hötzel, Federal University of Santa Caterina, Brazil

“Reporting on the ethics of research on farm animals: current challenges”

June 22nd (am)   Wildlife and Fieldwork Ethics and Welfare       

Plenary: Dr Mucha Mkono, University of Queensland

“Navigating the North-South geopolitics of conservation and animal-based recreation: some personal reflections”

June 22nd (pm)   Laboratory Animal Ethics and Welfare             

Plenary: Dr Esther Pearl, NC3Rs

“Key considerations and resources for designing rigorous animal experiments”




Registration is free for ASAB members and just £10 for individuals who are not ASAB members. Registration closes on 10th June. 

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