AWRN funded workshop on Engaging with relevant stakeholders to influence animal welfare laws

Date: 22/04/2021



This virtual workshop will take place on Thursday 22nd and Friday 23rd April 2021.

An online workshop (using Microsoft Teams) organised by Wanda McCormick (Hartpury University), Simon Sneddon (University of Northampton) and Helen Tedds (University of Northampton). This two day workshop will take place on 22-23rd April 2021 and should appeal to researchers and stakeholders alike as it covers everything from the fundamentals of animal welfare law to animal welfare law in practice and how science can support legislation. Breakout sessions will allow more in depth discussions on how we change and influence law for companion animals, captive exotics, farmed livestock and lab research animals. 

Draft Schedule

Day 1 (22/4/2021):

10:00-10:10 Welcome Simon Sneddon (UoN)

10:15-11.15 Fundamentals of Animal Welfare Law Paula Sparks (A-Law).

11.30-11.50 Animal welfare beyond the law – the role of professional bodies. Vicky Skinner (PIF)

11.50-12.10 Animal welfare beyond the law – the role of levy boards. (person tbc, AHDB)

1.00-1.30 Animal welfare law in practice – changes to animal licensing legislation to address the changing industry. Helen Tedds (UoN)

1.30-2.00 Animal welfare law in practice – the challenges with applying legislation to the real world. Sharon Edwards (City of London)

2.15-2.45 Round table – ‘Where is the UK going post Brexit?’ How can science support legislation? Paula Sparks (A-Law), Andrew Voas (Scottish Government), Daniella Dos Santos (BVA).

Day 2 (23/04/2021):

10.00-10.10 Welcome back Simon Sneddon (UoN)

10.15-11.15 Breakout session A: how do we change / influence law?

        Companion animals: Steve Wickens (UFAW – chair), Vicky Skinner (PIF), Sharon Edwards (City of London), Sam Gaines (RSPCA), Daniela Dos Santos (BVA), person tbc (WAP)

        Farmed livestock: Birte Nielsen (HSA / UFAW – chair), Huw Golledge (UFAW), person tbc (WAP), Marc Cooper (RSPCA)

11.45-12.45 Breakout session B: how do we change / influence law?

        Captive exotics: Steve Wickens (UFAW – chair), person TBC (BIAZA), Ros Clubb (RSPCA), Libby Anderson (OneKind / Scottish Animal Welfare Committee), Jon Cracknell (ZEC), Daniella Dos Santos (BVA), person tbc (WAP)

        Lab research animals: Barney Reed (RSPCA – co-chair), Matt Leach (co-chair), Huw Golledge (UFAW), Mark Prescott (NC3Rs), Carole Wilson (IAT)

1.45-2.05 Breakout workshop summary

2.15-3.00 Closing session: What can we do now? Wanda McCormick (Hartpury University)


Registration is open and is free, simply complete the form on this LINK TO REGISTRATION

Please note that places are limited and only available for members of either AWRN or A-LAW. Registration officially closes on 31st March, however it may be closed sooner than this, at the organiser’s discretion, should the number of applicants far exceed the number of places available. If this occurs a selection process will be applied and places will therefore only be confirmed once registration has closed. 

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