AWRN-Funded Workshop on Systems Thinking

Date: 27/06/2023

Royal Veterinary College, Camden Campus, London, UK

Full title of workshop is “Operationalising interdisciplinarity in animal welfare – a systems thinking approach”. 



Aims of the workshop

Fragmentation and silos in the animal welfare space means that the skills and expertise in these areas cannot be operationalised to its full potential. Given that many work in complex and interconnected areas (often spanning humans, animals and the environment) interdisciplinary working is a key component to success.

This workshop with Louise Whatford (RVS / Interdisciplinaty Food Systems Teaching and Learning (IFSTAL)) and Saher Hasnain (University of Oxford / IFSTAL) will offer training in systems thinking skills. This will empower you to use holistic systems thinking to identify important research topics, enhance collaboration, and support and encourage research activities using a more strategic direction.



Registration has now closed, please contact the Network Manager Poppy Statham on  if you wish to attend and haven’t already booked a place.

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