AWRN-Workshop on “Novel Methods of Human Behaviour Change for Improving Animal Welfare”

Date: 20/05/2020

Riddel Hall, Queen's University, Belfast





This two-day workshop on “Novel Methods of Human Behaviour Change for Improving Animal Welfare” will take place on 20th and 21st May 2020 at Riddel Hall, Queen’s University Belfast.

One of the major challenges faced by animal welfare scientists is human behaviour. Understanding the reasons why individuals act or fail to act to protect animal welfare is key. Behaviour change frameworks were originally developed within the field of health psychology. With the help of experienced Health Psychologists, this workshop aims to provide a framework for animal welfare scientists and other stakeholders to develop human behaviour change interventions, relevant to their research area, that are replicable and underpinned by psychological theory.

There will be a combination of talks, seminars and practical tasks and each participant will leave the workshop with a tailored behaviour change plan. The plenary talk will be delivered by Dr Olga Perski, a Research Associate at the Department of Behavioural Sciences and Health at UCL. Seminars and practical tasks will be facilitated by Health Psychologists from within the School of Psychology at QUB.

The sessions within the workshop will include;
– Challenges faced in animal welfare science: The need for human behaviour change
– Workshop 1: Understand the Behaviour
– Workshop 2: Identify Intervention Options
– Workshop 3: Identify Intervention Content and Implementation Options
– Expert panel Q&A

Participants are required to be a member of the Animal Welfare Research Network in order to attend this event, however membership is free and we welcome applications from academics and stakeholders in animal welfare, please see our membership page for more details.


Registration is now open, please click here to book a place. The cost of the workshop is £70 for two days (participants need to attend both days). 


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