Fostering novel research opportunities on animal rehoming

Date: 23/05/2024

Online (Part 1) and at University of Bristol (Part 2)


This AWRN-funded workshop on “Fostering novel research opportunities on animal rehoming across Animal Welfare Research Network stakeholders” is taking place in two parts, firstly an online session on Thursday 23rd May and then an in-person session on Thursday 13th June. 



There is a growing interest in rehoming animals used for purposes other than companionship, e.g. farmed laying hens, racing horses, laboratory animals. However, at present, rehoming efforts are largely subjective, based on emotions, moral standpoints and concern about public perception, rather than grounded in objective research data on best practice for animal welfare. Some evidence gaps include:

(1) whether rehoming is in the best interests of that animal’s welfare

(2) if so, how can the process be facilitated to optimise the rehomed animal’s welfare throughout

(3) what is the public perspective on, and experiences of, rehoming animals from different spheres of animal use.

Addressing these gaps is vital to promote positive experiences for the rehomed animals and their new owners. Research interest is expanding in these areas. However, this is currently disparate and conducted within isolated silos of different species and forms of animal use, as well
as different academic disciplines and industry. Our interdisciplinary workshop aims to promote and facilitate cross-discipline and cross-sector information sharing and discussion, to identify research priorities and directions within the rehoming sphere.


Format of Day 1 (Thursday 23rd May)

This part of the workshop will include short talks from speakers describing their experience in the rehoming sphere. Speakers will represent stakeholders engaged in rehoming and those researching it. There will also be focus group discussions building on the talks to identify, discuss and prioritise gaps in knowledge and future research directions. 

Format of Day 2 (Thursday 13th June)

This will involve a smaller group of individuals (approx 20) who will focus on guiding future research plans from discussion to reality, via round-table discussions aiming to identify potential funders, required pilot studies and related outreach activities. This will take place at University of Bristol. 



This event is free to attend and registration is now open. Please complete the application form here: Link to application form


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