Human Behaviour Change for Animals – From Principles to Practice

Date: 19/10/2018

University of Exeter

Care about making a difference to the lives of animals? Then attend HBCA – From Principles to Practice


If you care about improving the lives of animals, including the human animal, then don’t miss the Human Behaviour Change for Animals – From Principle to Practice workshop event, co-hosted by EASE at the University of Exeter, from 19th to 21st October 2018.

Join Human Behaviour Change for Animals (HBCA) for an exciting, fun and informative weekend packed full of practical, innovative workshops facilitated by expert speakers. Sessions include everything from motivational interviewing, animal centred design, habit formation, the inspirational voice, the use of participatory exercises, working in challenging communities, and much, much more. Keynote speeches from Dr Anne McBride on the psychology of behaviour change and Justine Williams on how we deal with emotion in HBC, promise to provide thought provoking insight.

Relevant to anyone working to improve the lives of animals, whether you are involved veterinary science, behaviour, animal welfare, care or management, or have a passion for helping animals in general. This event is here to enable you to delve more deeply into the practical application of topics relevant to your everyday work and interest in animals, in a supportive and vibrant environment with likeminded people. Along with a wide choice of workshops and a range of innovative activities designed to help you deliver impactful change, HBCA events offer people the opportunity to come together, learn, share experiences, ideas, network, and of course, have a great time!





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