Implementing new methods to improve companion animal welfare science (CAWS) in the UK

Date: 16/12/2019

Royal Veterinary College, Hawkshead










Monday 16th December 2019.



To bring together researchers from the UK conducting companion animal welfare science (CAWS) and highlight emerging techniques, opportunities for industrial partnerships and increase collaboration.


Meeting Content

Although the welfare of companion animals is explicitly stated in BBSRC’s funding remit, few researchers in the UK CAWS community apply for or receive BBSRC funding for their research. This workshop will bring together CAWS researchers in the UK, including current and previous BBSRC grant holders, to promote collaboration and discuss cutting-edge research in this sector, including new tools and technologies used to measure and improve companion animal welfare.  

The sessions within the workshop will include:
– Methods for collecting companion animal welfare data at the individual level
– Methods for collecting companion animal welfare data at the group level
– How can CAWS be improved by the methods presented today?

Speakers will include Dr Lucy Asher (Newcastle University), Dr Oliver Burman (University of Lincoln), Prof Alan Radford (University of Liverpool), Dr Dan O’Neill (RVC), Dr Jane Murray (Dogs Trust) and Dr Carrie Westgarth (University of Liverpool).


Practical Details

The workshop will take place at the RVC Hawkshead Campus. Travel information can be found on the RVC website

The meeting will start at 9am and finish at 5pm but will be followed by a networking drinks event to which industrial and charity stakeholders will be invited in order to stimulate opportunities for collaborative grants e.g. industrial partnership award applications. This event will finish at 7pm. 


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