LASA 3Rs Section / UFAW Meeting on Enrichment and Science

Date: 09/09/2021







Enrichment and Science: A match made in Heaven? The LASA 3Rs section will be hosting its annual event online this year, in collaboration with UFAW.  The theme is to discuss the inclusion of environmental enrichment and how it may impact on science.  The programme (attached) will include speakers from all sectors across the UK, EU, the USA and Canada; and will include presentations validating the need for enrichment, how this can be achieved, and how enrichment affects variability. Provisional subjects for presentations at the meeting include:

– Effects of barren vs. enriched mouse cages on health and welfare

– Recent evaluation of different enrichment items from a mouse perspective

– Statistical variability – what is the evidence?

– Some broader considerations for enrichment and welfare


“COVID-19 has impacted everyone across the globe, but some good things have come out from it and one is the opportunity to host online events where we can bring people together from across the globe. For 2021 we wanted to talk about the importance of environmental enrichment to the animals and how or if we need to balance this with the need for a robust study design in science. We want to ensure we enrich the lives of our animals without compromising the science and when using enrichment how can we improve our understanding of the physiological and psychological response of animals to the enrichment may have on scientific outcomes?  Please join us online to explore this interesting and complex topic.”

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