Open Science in Animal Welfare Research

Date: 16/12/2021





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About the workshop

Open Science is much more than Open Access publishing of scientific results. Encompassing measures for sharing and discussing resources, methods and results throughout the research process, it holds great potential for making research more robust and knowledge more accessible. In psychology, one of the first fields to recognize a reproducibility crisis, the implementation of Open Science practices is now having a huge impact on how data and information are shared and assessed.

In the field of animal welfare research, institutional training opportunities and inter-institutional Open Science networks are scarce, and advances in the implementation of Open Science practices happen mainly as isolated initiatives of individual researchers sharing different parts of their research process. The absence of concerted efforts and agreed-on standards strongly limits the impact of such initiatives. The results from our recent survey to applied ethologists indicate that uptake of many Open Science practices is limited and that a main obstacle is lack of knowledge.

In this workshop, we will introduce key concepts and resources as a starting point for a discussion on how to develop and foster the implementation of Open Science practices in animal welfare research, and to work together towards best practice recommendations for the field. We will focus on three main aspects: Registered Reports, Pre-prints, and Open Data. We will provide an overview of each aspect, and will aim to clarify common misconceptions that can hinder the implementation of these practices.

The online workshop will include a combination of talks, interactive training components, and discussions. We will also offer breakout sessions during lunch break to provide an opportunity to network and ask follow-up questions to the workshop proponents and guest speakers. We welcome participants who are new to Open Science as well as those with previous experience.

Workshop proponents and moderators: Anna Olsson & Christian Nawroth

Guest speakers: Hanno Würbel (University Bern) & Rafael Muñoz-Tamayo (INRAE)

The full programme will be announced soon.



Registration is free and will close on December 12th. You can register now using the link below.


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