Rabbit Welfare and Ethics Update

Date: 19/01/2022






Key Information


Seminar on Rabbit Welfare & Ethics Update

Presented by Dr Emma Milne, BVSc, MRCVS, Founder of Vets Against Brachycephalism. 

Taking place live on Wednesday 19th January 2022 at 12.30pm GMT. 


About the Webinar


6 months on from the first rabbit welfare and ethics conference, Emma and the RWAF team will remind us of the most common issues facing pet rabbits today and what developments have been made since June when she chaired the conference.



Learning Objectives


Recap the major welfare issues highlighted in the initial conference.

Reference these to the changes we would like to see going forward.

Look at the stakeholders’ pledges if any and whether they have been implemented.

Discuss the pledges that RWAF made and whether/how they are being implemented.

Discuss a plan of action to achieve more positive change in the future for the health and welfare of pet rabbits.


Attending the session


This webinar takes place live on Wednesday 19th January 2022, 12:30pm GMT.

You will receive more information and the link you need to join the live session via email before it takes place. Can’t attend the live session? No problem! The webinar will be available to watch on demand on our website within 24 hours of the live broadcast.

This webinar is free to watch thanks to the kind sponsorship of The Rabbit Welfare Association & Fund.


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