Royal Entomological Society – Insect Welfare and Ethics Inaugral Meeting

Date: 31/05/2023

Writtle University College and online






A Special Interest Group to provide a forum for the discussion of insect welfare and ethics.

The group aims to provide a friendly and inclusive forum for the discussion and debate about invertebrate ethics and welfare. In this group, we will explore questions about the production, use and study of insects. This is an open forum, with members encouraged to express a wide range of views and constructively build collaborations across disciplines.

Current areas of interest include but are not limited to, insect rearing and husbandry methods, nociception in invertebrates and practices for working and collecting specimens across borders. However, members are encouraged to raise other areas of interest for discussion and debate. This group plans to meet annually in various venues across the UK, as well as online.


The first meeting will take place on the 31st May and will be a hybrid meeting, both online and in person at Writtle University College (10am to 4pm UK time). 


Speakers will include: Dr Meghan Barrett (Rethink Priorities), Dr David Fischer (University of Aberdeen), Dr Bob Fischer (Rethink Priorities) and Dr Eleanor Drinkwater (Writtle University). 


Abstract submissions are invited for flash talks or posters – deadline is Monday 24th April. 

Early bird registration rates (£10 in person / £20 online) are available until Monday 24th April. 


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