Sixth Annual Meeting of the AWRN

Date: 15/07/2021



Thursday 15th and Friday 16th July 2021 – Online



The full schedule for the event will be released shortly (once confirmation from all speakers has been received). In the meantime we have an overview of the schedule and details of how to register. 


Overview of the Meeting



Wednesday 14th July

Evening Online Social – details TBC


Thursday 15th July

Session 1 (10:30 to 12:00) – Welcome to the meeting, “New developments in animal welfare science” talks and networking time.

Session 2 (13:00 to 14:45) – Talks on “Using principles from behavioural ecology to address animal welfare issues”, including plenaries from Gareth Arnott (QUB), Simon Turner (SRUC) and Edward Codling (University of Essex). 

Session 3 (15:15 to 16:45) – Breakout groups x 3, including one on “Using principles from behavioural ecology to address animal welfare issues” with Gareth Arnott (QUB) and Simon Turner (SRUC), one on “Welfare impact metrics – who needs them and how can the AW research community make them better?” with Siobhan Mullan (University College Dublin) and likely an ECR-focused session with Lucy Asher (Newcastle University). 


Friday 16th July

Session 4 (10:20 to 12:00) – Welcome back, Elevator pitches and talks on “New developments in animal welfare science” and networking time. 

Session 5 (13:00 to 14:30) – Talks on “Welfare and health, immunology and stress” including plenaries from Janicke Nordgreen (NMBU) and Becky Conway-Campbell (University of Bristol). 

Session 6 (15:00 to 16:30) – Breakout groups including one on the highlight topic of “Welfare and health, immunology and stress”, one on “Reliability of welfare assessments in the real, scientific and automated World” with Giuliana Miguel-Pacheco (University of Saskatchewan) and likely one on “The Animal Sleep Jigsaw” with Linda Greening (Hartpury) (this may move to Thursday). 


Who can attend?


The meeting is free, however you need to be a member of the AWRN (membership is free, please see our website for membership details), an invited speaker or an International ECR who has registered with the AWRN and been vouched for by a member to attend. International members may also choose to delegate their place to another individual from their institution, since only one person from each institution can be a member. In this instance, the person wishing to participate should complete this form and the member should email Poppy ( to confirm that they are giving their place to them and that they will vouch for the individual. 

Please note that if you are not already a member of the AWRN then we recommend that you apply as soon as possible as it can take 3-4 weeks for your membership to be processed and approved. 


Important dates for delegates


The registration deadline is Friday 9th July at 5pm.


Abstract Submission


Abstract submission is now closed and all authors have been informed of the outcome for their abstract. 




Registration is now open, please click on the link and complete the form. 


The event will take place on Zoom and therefore we have been able to run this event for free.  The event is only open to members of the AWRN so if you are not already a member please apply for membership as soon as possible (it can take 3 weeks for applications to be processed and approved). 


If you have any questions then please do get in touch.


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